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Today I returned from a fantastic trip to Canada, during which I relaxed and (over) indulged myself – I was aware I made little or no progress on my plan to change the world. In fact I created a huge carbon footprint with the 3800 mile flight and enjoyed a lifestyle (just for the week) that some people probably dream of.

During our trip we visited: Hard Rock, Toronto; Hard Rock, Niagara Falls, Ontario; and even crossed into the US to visit Hard Rock, Niagara Falls, NY. My partner is a huge fan of the Hard Rock Cafe, but far less enthusiastic about charity. Outside one of the restaurants staff were actively collecting for the Why Hunger initiative and at my suggestion my partner dug out the suggested $2 donation that feeds a child for a day and took the wristband offered to him. I know he never would have made a donation without prompting and 3 days later he’s still wearing the wristband.

At the time he suggested that I should consider getting him to donate as my action for the day, but when we were drinking beverages ranging in price from $3 to $19 and most meals were large enough to feed at least 2 people rather than 1, a $2 donation hardly seems sufficient. In fact even the postcard I sent home cost more than $2… However, my partner’s charitable contribution and willingness to get a little bit more involved, that’s not a bad achievement.

Today I’ve gone online and made a donation of $2 for every day for the rest of this month, so that’s 1 child fed until the end of January. It still seems a trivial contribution and I’ll definitely be thinking about how else I can support this initiative during 2014.