325. No more deaths from fuel poverty


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The following information appeared on my Facebook feed today and it makes grim reading, but I felt I needed to share it with you:

On the day the government reveals how many people died last year from the effects of fuel poverty, join Fuel Poverty Action and Reclaim the Power to demand ‘No More Deaths from Fuel Poverty: Energy Rights Now!’

We’ll be meeting outside the Institute of Directors, on Pall Mall before marching to Energy UK – the body who represent and defend the Big Six profiteers, for an inclusive and creative action.
The day will end with a tutorial on knowing your energy rights and how protecting yourself and your community from energy companies.

In 2012/2013 10,000 people died from fuel poverty, including thousands of people in London, and we are likely to learn that thousands more died last winter.

At the same time the Big Six energy companies made £3.7bn in profit – this is equal to £370,000 profit for every person who died.

Join us to express sadness, anger and solidarity with those who have suffered; and to point the finger at those responsible. We will end the day by empowering one another to fight for energy rights and energy justice.

We need affordable, sustainable and publicly and community owned energy. We don’t need greedy profiteers represented by Energy UK.

On Friday at 11.30 protesters will be meeting at the Institute of Directors, 116 Pall Mall before marching to Energy UK, Regents Street.

If you have mobility needs, would like a buddy for the day or would like to enquire about us possibly subsidizing your travel fare for the day, please get in touch by email: fuelpovertyaction@gmail.com

I can’t make it on Friday, but if you can please support this.

324. Save the remaining 97 vaquitas; save the species.


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It’s hard to believe that when there are only 97 vaquitas remaining that we aren’t doing everything possible to protect them. I’d never heard of these creatures until today, but now I’d quite like to see one… alive.

I’ve e-mailed the Mexican president asking him to protect their habitat and save them. If you’d like to do the same please visit: https://secure.greenpeace.org.uk/vaquita

322. Teachers are slobs


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Firstly, let me just say I’m not trying to be mean and please don’t take offence, but it’s true.

Just take a look in any teachers’ staff room or kitchen area, this is a staff room in Japan and I think it proves that this is a global issue!

I’ve decided to do something about this, starting with the staff room in my own school. I’ve begun the process of tidying – I was pretty disgusted this morning when I had to put someone’s cereal bar wrapper from yesterday in the bin. I mean, how hard is it to put something in the bin – the room can’t be more than 12 metres squared!

Anyway, I’m determined that by the end of this week that room will be tidy, for the benefit of all my colleagues…

321. Giving!


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Each year some of the local churches have a ‘giving tree’, at the back of the church: there are labels for gifts for children in care locally or who might not receive gifts… So you simply pick up a label or two, get the gifts, wrap them up and return the labels with the appropriate gifts attached.

I don’t go to church, but I got my Mum to pick up a couple of labels from her church, so that I could get involved this year. I love the idea of looking out for local children and helping to give them a better Christmas…

319. Click for your charity


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I’ve found another website where a click and a couple of minutes of your time can benefit others: http://clickforyourcharity.com/

Click For Your Charity is an advertising supported, free donation website currently focused on clean water… The power of thirst drives millions to drink unclean liquid everyday. Inexpensive, efficient, modern water sourcing and reclamation technology combined with education and maintenance infrastructure does not cost much considering the alternative. While equating ad revenue with a specific number of days of clean water is a convenient means to quantify the impact you can make by coming back everyday, we allocate our revenue to foundations and non-profits who support long-term sustainable solutions. We’re not aiming to hand out plastic bottles of water.

318. Beyond Food…


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Yesterday I was on a course in London, as always when I’m on a training course I eat far better than I normally would and it’s all included. On the reception desk at the conference centre was a box with badges that simply said “beyond food” – there was no explanation, but it seemed fitting as I hadn’t had to pay for my own lunch to make a donation and wear a badge that said “inspiring a future beyond homelessness”.

When I got home I decided to have a closer look at what I was supporting…


Beyond Food works with people who have been at risk of or experienced homelessness to motivate and inspire them to gain meaningful employment.

I’m glad I made a donation…

317. The No New Clothes Challenge!



So I was reading someone else’s blog the other day and they commented that they hadn’t bought any new clothes for a year – a year! (I’d put a link to the post if I could remember which one it was – sorry, if you’re reading this!) I try to donate clothes to charity when I’m done with them or use textile recycling, but I do seem to buy quite a lot…

Anyway it got me thinking. I don’t think I could go 4 weeks without buying something: so let’s find out. I’m challenging myself to see if I can avoid buying any new clothes for the next 4 weeks. Even as I type this I’m worried I need new tights :-/

316. World Toilet Day – yep, it’s really a thing!


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And the reason why it’s a thing is because of some pretty shocking statistics. Here’s one that stands out: more people in the world have a mobile phone than a toilet.

If you want the full details (or to take action) visit the Global Citizen website: http://www.globalcitizen.org/Content/Content.aspx?id=668dc05e-6846-4623-beab-22cd2f02a38f 

I’ve signed the petition and educated myself by testing my knowledge of open defecation, something I perhaps didn’t want to know about, but which we probably all should.

315. Save the pangolins!


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What are pangolins? Well, this is precisely what United for Wildlife are saying is the problem: most of us won’t have heard of these creatures, but they’re close to extinction.

The charity is working with the makers of Angry Birds to encourage a new generation to campaign against poached ivory, rhino horn, and other animal parts. They hope that around 200 million Angry Birds players worldwide will discover the pangolin and its risk of extinction and be moved to do something about it… I’ll be checking out the game.

Pangolins are the world’s only scaly mammal. It’s estimated that over one million pangolins were snatched from the wild in the last decade, making them the most poached animal that exists. They’re literally being eaten to extinction, before most people even know they exist.

Starting today, people can play the free, week-long tournament where they will encounter pangolins in the game, breaking their cages to free them from poachers – and having fun in the process.

After playing the game we want people to remember the pangolin’s name and help us secure their future by talking about them to people they know.


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