201. Enjoying an ‘Innocent’ noodle pot…



In 2004 the innocent foundation began, using 10% of the annual profits to do good things with. So far they have committed £1.3 million and directly helped over 330,000 people.

Today I bought a couple of innocent noodle pots and had one for tea: it was very tasty (included 2 of my 5 a day) and I enjoyed it even more knowing that in some small way I had contributed to the Innocent Foundation.

200. Did you know today is the first ‘World Day Against Human Trafficking’?


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The United Nations have set up this day with the following aim: to educate people about human trafficking, today’s equivalent of the slave trade that was abolished more than a century ago.

It is estimated that 21-30 million people worldwide are trapped in slavery.

I’ve made a donation to Free the Slaves, please raise your level of awareness by visiting the site: https://www.freetheslaves.net/

I’ll also be using some of their resources to help educate students.

199. Sainsbury’s Basingstoke Charity of the Year


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Yesterday I was at the checkout at Sainsbury’s and by the till was a collection box for Basingstoke Young Carers, Sainsbury’s Basingstoke Charity for the year, so although I wasn’t paying with cash I dug around in my purse and made a donation.

I’ve seen first-hand some of the work they do, but if you’d like to find out more please visit their website.


As an aside I’d like to publicly congratulate the woman who was at customer services at the same time as me: her child had ‘picked up’ an item in store and she only realised this after leaving the store. The poor woman looked mortified and had made her way back to return the £3 item. It was great to see someone going out of their way to do the right thing… and explaining to her child why it was wrong.

198. Supporting community events and the YMCA


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Last weekend I visited the Alvaston Family Fun Day with the family. This event is run by Alvaston Park Friends, a group created to facilitate the involvement of the local community, and thus make the park a better place for all of its visitors. It’s a fabulous park, with excellent facilities -a great choice for a fun day and of course the weather was lovely.

I supported a couple of the stalls, in particular buying a ticket for the YMCA balloon race – so fingers crossed…

Thanks to Alvaston Park Friends for an enjoyable event.

197. Involving others…

This week I’m staying with my Dad and visiting my sister and her family during the first week of my holiday. I’m trying to get them all involved in little extra acts of random kindness to help me out! Yesterday evening I introduced my Dad to freerice.com and got him to play until he’d donated 1000 grains of rice… Now if I can just get my nephew and nieces doing something useful too…

196. Cleaning up after others


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I never could understand why anyone would pick up someone else’s rubbish: it’s dirty, unhygienic and well generally disgusting. But the abandoned napkins/wet wipes someone had left on the grass were really spoiling the look of the park where I enjoyed a picnic on Thursday, so I picked them up and walked until I found a bin to dispose of them in.

195. Going out of your way for someone…



Literally in this case.

The end of term is upon me and the last week or so has been a frantic rush of finishing assessments and trying to tie up loose ends. Including having students staying at the end of the day today to complete a 2 hour assessment in the unforgiving heat.

So when one of my students complained they had an hour or more of walking to get home because they’d stayed late, I gave them a lift home. (Something I would never normally do for professional reasons.)

So that’s today’s random act of kindness… or stupidity – depending on your perspective!

give someone a lift


193. Send a letter…


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post a letter

Action 183 was sponsoring a child through ActionAid, today I received the welcome pack and it explained that the level of involvement was up to me. I’d figured that the Direct Debit would go out of my account and I’d get an update now and again, followed by further suggestions of how I could contribute.

However, the pack I received contained quite a lot; it asked me what further information I’d be interested in and suggested I write a postcard to say ‘Hello’. It took longer than I expected to make a collage for the front of the postcard, but hopefully it’ll be worth it because I know that an interesting bit of post always puts a smile on my face.


192. Celebrating Mandela Day

Yesterday would have been Nelson Mandela’s 96th birthday. Mandela Day was launched in 2009; an initiative to honour his work and encourage action to address social injustices.

For my part I’ll be planning a lesson to educate the next generation about what he did and what they can do. The resources were easily accessible on the Mandela Day website.

To find out more visit: http://www.mandeladay.com/



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