232. Dropping off a donation


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There’s a week left of the summer holidays and the weather is dismal, so the obvious thing to do? Some extreme housekeeping and home improvements! I may have got a little bit carried away and ripped up the hall floor with no exact plan as to what happens next, but that’s a problem for another day…

Clearing the clutter meant a trip to the Barnardo’s shop to drop off a couple of bags of donations: I can’t believe how much stuff I’ve been able to get rid of over the past few months.

Also while I was out, I was able to assist a woman in a wheelchair to reach items that she was unable to get from the shelf and although I had no change to donate to the collector I passed in the street, I did wish them a ‘good morning’ anyway. So a little ‘RAOK’ action as well today! :-)

231. Channel 4’s ‘Stars at your service!’


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This is a great idea, the advert popped up for Channel 4’s ‘Stars at your service’ in aid of charity, so I thought I’d find out what it was all about and visited their website…


Put simply you can apply for a star to be ‘at your service for the day’ either for yourself or on behalf of someone else. This is to help raise money for Stand Up to Cancer – however there is no specified donation required, you simply apply and make a donation if you choose to. (Which I did.) All money raised goes to Cancer Research UK as part of their Stand Up to Cancer campaign.

I really hope I get Russell Howard to teach my classes for the day. Fingers crossed! :-)

If Russell Howard’s not your thing, how about Rachel Riley or Jon Snow? There are plenty of celebrities to choose from, so get your application in…

230. Taking pity on dogs and people in the rain…


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Replacing our fish tank today meant a trip to the pet store in the pouring rain and there outside was a woman who’d given up her bank holiday Monday to stand under an awning raising funds for Pro Dogs Direct, a charity that rescues and rehomes unwanted dogs and has a no destruction policy.

On a dry day I think there would have been more shoppers willing to find out about what she was doing and to take part in some of the fundraising activities: I don’t know whether it was sympathy for the dogs or the woman, but I felt inclined to make a donation.


228 & 229. The ice bucket challenge… double donation!


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Thankfully I’ve not received any nominations to do this myself, but my Facebook news feed is filling up with other people’s efforts – which I’m enjoying watching! For anyone who’s been living in a cave and hasn’t heard about the ALS Ice Bucket Challenge…

The Ice Bucket Challenge is a viral campaign where participants are challenged to throw a bucket of ice water over their heads before passing the challenge on to 3 other people who must accept the challenge within 24 hours. You can avoid this by donating to the charity instead. Or better yet, do both!

However many people aren’t putting the details for donations reminding people to donate: one of my Facebook friends did though and I made a text donation, only to discover it had gone to Macmillan! The ALS Ice Bucket Challenge was started by the motor neurone disease association, so I visited their justgiving page and donated their too.

So if you’re having the same problem I was and want to donate, please visit the MNDA website: 



227. Doing the little things…


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I’ll be doing some things around my home before I head back to work next month, so I popped to Homebase today for a couple of items. I made a donation to the Alzheimer’s society via the collection tin at the till. The member of staff serving me, thanked me and was generally very friendly and helpful as he was serving me. Although I didn’t catch his name I did go on-line and give positive feedback about my shop and this particular member of staff. 


224 & 225. Spreading luck… and appreciation


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Today it’s all about trying to spread a little happiness to others…

This morning I delivered a couple of good luck cards to students I’ve been working with, just to let them know that I’ll have my fingers crossed for them! Whether they’ll admit it or not I know they’ll be nervously waiting for tomorrow’s results…

I’ve also picked up a small gift to say thank you to one of my colleagues who was particularly supportive last year. It’s often very hectic and working with people who can keep a smile on your face is really important. I’ll miss working with her, but in the craziness of end of term I don’t think I even managed to say goodbye! Hopefully it’ll be a lovely little surprise at the start of another busy year, when she returns to work in September and will let her know that all her help and hard work was appreciated this year.

223. The Clink


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I’ll be off to take a stroll around the Brecon Beacons later this week and I was browsing the dining options on trip advisor when I came across ‘The Clink’. 

The charity runs training restaurants in prisons to help reduce the rate of re-offending. This is done by enabling inmates to gain qualifications and real life experience in the hospitality industry with a view to getting them employment, mentoring and housing where required upon their release.

I thought I might be able to visit their restaurant in Cardiff, sadly the opening hours don’t make this possible, but what a great idea. So I made an on-line donation to support their work.

If you’re in Wales they have 3 locations, so take a look at their website…


222. An Education Revolution!


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I’m supporting the Open University’s TESSA programme. Getting a degree with the Open University was the only realistic route for me: I studied as an adult whilst working full time and it changed everything. It cost a fraction of what I would have been charged by any other university. This is typical of people’s experiences with the Open University.

But there are some countries where getting an education is a lot tougher than it is here… that’s why I’m supporting TESSA. This is how the Open University describe it:

Since 2005, our multi award-winning programme, ‘Teacher Education in sub-Saharan Africa’ (TESSA) has successfully been giving many thousands of teachers the resources they need to develop their skills, ensuring their pupils receive the very best education.

I’ve made a donation… and yes, I know, I’ve made a lot of donations – it’s not that I’m particularly wealthy (I live from one pay day to the next), but the donation I made was the equivalent to buying one extra drink this evening while I was out. A small amount to me might make all the difference to someone else.

221. Donating to ‘Make a Wish’


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This weekend I was away enjoying myself on an extreme summer adventure in East Grinstead. It’s easy when you’re having fun to just forget everything else, but I did manage to squeeze in a £1 donation to the Make A Wish Foundation, when I saw their collection box on the bar last night.


We all know what they do; if not have a look at their website… After my rock climbing, kayaking, archery, knife and axe throwing today, I’m simply too tired to write any more!


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