260. Giving money to someone who needs it


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There was no shortage of opportunities to give some change to a homeless person today during my visit to London.

As my partner was closer I asked him to lean over and drop the coin into the cup, the guy holding the cup didn’t even blink as he dropped it in – “that’s the thanks you get” my partner commented. But as I pointed out to him, I didn’t do it for thanks or gratitude or for any reason other than that I can afford to spare it and maybe it will help a little.

I don’t know or care what he’ll do with the money – that’s his choice, but I’m fortunate enough to be able to spare it. Who knows when I might find myself in need relying on the kindness or generosity of strangers…

259. Do Happiness!



I’ve been quite grumpy and irritable lately, I can’t really work out why, so today I thought some sort of happiness action might be the way forward.

I visited action for happiness for some inspiration: http://www.actionforhappiness.org/ I’ve downloaded some posters and will be getting them up on my classroom walls and around my workspace next week.

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This definitely seems like good advice! Off to go and get myself in a more positive mood…

258. Joining the People’s March on Climate Change


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Tomorrow I’ll be travelling to London to take part in the People’s march on Climate Change.


This’ll be a first for me – I’ve never taken to the streets for anything – and I’m a little bit worried I’ll stand out as a ‘tourist’ at the event! But maybe it’s just an indicator of how important an issue this is that I’m willing to go and get involved and becoming more active.

Will I be in costume or have my face painted? Probably not, but I will be joining thousands of others demanding the government take action to combat climate change.

257. Being given a helping hand…


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The other half’s a little bit of a mind-reader and has pre-empted my needs today by helping me out with my action for today: a donation to the Costa Foundation charity.  https://www.costa.co.uk/responsibility/costa-foundation/

I’d never heard of them, but I’m very grateful for his help this week as I’m a little under the weather and a large pile of work!

256. Buying tupperware!


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Zero waste week made me realise there were a few more things I could do to reduce my waste and one of them was to buy tupperware! Tupperware instead of disposable sandwich bags is a ‘no-brainer’.

I tend to buy snack packs of dried fruit, I’ll save money and reduce waste by buying a larger pack and creating my own single servings in a tupperware tub.

I know production of plastic has an impact too, but overall I’m confident this’ll be an improvement…

253. One good turn…


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I know how much my boyfriend missed me, not by what he says, but by what he does: he was very pleased today to tell me that he had donated to the Manchester Evening News’ Appeal on behalf of Manchester and Cheshire Dogs’ Homes.

I don’t know how I missed this story – busy working I guess – for full details of this story (if you were busy and missed it too) take a look at the BBC website: http://www.bbc.co.uk/news/uk-29170640

It’s incredible how the public have responded to this appeal for £5000, in less than 24 hours the total is over £1 million!

I’ve donated £1 and as I’ve been writing this the total has increased from £1018000 to £1044000! It’s incredible.

I started this blog in the hope it would inspire others to try and make a difference or to do ‘a good deed’ and it seems to be working, but when someone else does a good turn, it also inspires me to act as well…  This originally horrible news’ story has lifted my spirits as it shows how many people have been moved to act. Although I wonder who gives a damn about the tortured soul that started the blaze? But that’s another story.

252. Random acts of kindness and charity giving all in one…


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I followed an impulse earlier with the hope of surprising some lovely little people with some lovely little gifts, a portion of the proceeds from my purchases will go to the BBC’s Children in Need Appeal.

So that’s hopefully a few happy little faces from the little people getting the goodies and then potentially even more happy little faces thanks to Children in Need.

251. The Power of Love


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Today my boyfriend returned after a week in the states, he presented me with proof of his action to change the world so I could have this evening off. Now that’s love!

(Sadly, I was still stressed about work for most of the evening… but let’s ignore that!)

He bought a t-shirt whilst at the Washington DC Hard Rock Cafe: a portion of the sale price benefits Music for Relief, a non-profit organization founded by Linkin Park, and its Power the World campaign. Linkin Park and Music for Relief launched Power the World to raise awareness about what it means to live without energy access and to highlight innovative clean energy solutions.

“The most exciting part of our partnership with Hard Rock is that it helps people,” says Mike Shinoda. “There are people in the world who cook dinner over fires and people who have to perform emergency surgery at night via candlelight. The proceeds of this shirt will buy clean-energy cook stoves for families who only have access to dirty cooking materials, which are bad for the environment and bad for their health. It will buy solar suitcases to power things like hospital lights and medical devices in remote areas of the world without energy access. By dedicating funds to Music for Relief, this Hard Rock t-shirt project promotes sustainable energy awareness and helps people who need it.”


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